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Baja California - Wessley321 - 05-10-2017

Baja California is a Mexican state that you can explore in Peninsula.  It is a really great place for visit as travelling point of view. Its natural places grab attentions of visitors from the entire world. I also spent a good time there but I would like to share here some most adorable attractions  which you can see on this fabulous state such as:

Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park
Museo de Historia
Tijuana Cultural Center 
Museo de la Vid y el Vino
Playas de Tijuana

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RE: Baja California - MiaA - 05-26-2017

I must say that you have shared here such a really nice and best ist of attractions here. I have never visited ever in my life Baja California which is according to you, it is a Mexican state. so sure I will try to go there for visiting in future and then I will spend here a nice time here with buddies after finishing or taking my bus tours of SFO. I want to see some images of Museo de la Vid y el Vino.

RE: Baja California - Bess - 06-13-2017

Mia, Through reading your post, I came to know that you want to see few brilliant views of the Museo de la Vid y el Vino. I have the images of this place in my camera which I will definitely like to share with you here, I am optimistic that will be appealing for you. Here are those,
[Image: Museo_de_la_vid_y_el_vino_de_Salta.jpg]
[Image: 86fede44f33d0ba07163c45f713d8f1f.jpg]
[Image: img_7870.jpg]

RE: Baja California - MiaA - 06-15-2017

Bass1 your shared images look really good and also useful stuff for me. I must say that your shared post is also good for newcomers about to visit Museo de la Vid y el Vino. I hope so some member will try to go there for enjoying the best time of fun here as well as good for enjoying tie of fun with buddies. I must say that what's your next plan for next attraction about to visiting Baja California?

RE: Baja California - Allaya - 08-08-2017

Bess, I would like to say that you had shared really cool shots of Museo de la Vid y el Vin.; I like them so much and love to say that, I have shared these views with my friends in last days and t after watching them they love to be around that place. So let me know what will you like to say about this?

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RE: Baja California - Bess - 08-09-2017

I am glad to see that both of you members liked my shared images of the Baja California. It is really a good looking and dazzling kind of destination for the traveling lovers due to its beauty and i think it will be a joyful thing for you guys to be there in future and make fun memories.

RE: Baja California - Lily55 - 10-14-2017

Baja California is a very cool place indeed, I have been explored this a few years back and it was truly amazing to me having fun on anywhere like this and get to try something more i am sure would be really nice and i am gonna also be getting much more stuff like this to enjoy myself at.

RE: Baja California - Allaya - 10-30-2017

Baja California is such a great place to have a fun time. This is a famous state which attracts me a lot and always have a lovely time period with friends. Its perfect for wine beach and enjoy seafood as well. So bess will advise you must enjoy these things while your visit.

RE: Baja California - Lily55 - 10-31-2017

Seems like you had fun at there Allaya, I always really like enjoying myself at cool of the places like these and having fun at there. I am sure that it will be great enjoying so much more like this one.