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Samoa - Wessley321 - 06-09-2017

Samoa is such a nice and most wonderful country for visit around the Oceania. Millions of tourists love to go there due to its marvellous kind of attractions. I also have a plan to go there again to enjoy some time with my whole family in coming holidays. We are extremely happy about this tour. I hope so that it will be a really great time for us and will came back with many pleasant memories. Any suggestion for us?

RE: Samoa - Dwalin - 06-10-2017

This is a great to now that if you have a plan to go to Samoa. No doubt this is a great place for enjoying a good time with friends nad family members. I also have a good tie once in my life and enjoy the views of its waterfalls. I think you should also enjoy its waterfalls views and have a wonderful experience there. what say about my suggestion?

RE: Samoa - Bess - 06-10-2017

I would like to say that both of you members have a good conversation here but this time I have nothing to share about the Samoa because I am blank about this destination. You both have shared a nice stuff about it. Dwalin, I would like to know the names of waterfalls in Samoa which you are suggesting to Wesley.

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RE: Samoa - Dwalin - 06-12-2017

Bess, like to share some names waterfalls in Samoa which I think Wesley should explore like
Afu Aau Waterfalls  
Fuipisia Waterfall  
Papapapaitai Falls  
Mu Pagoa Waterfall  
Togitogiga Waterfall  
I am so sure through the will have an amazing time there.

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RE: Samoa - Bess - 06-16-2017

Dwalin, This is really good that you have created a good list of the waterfall names here for wessely which eh really should visit during his next tour to have a good time. By the way, Here I want to get details from you about the Togitogiga Waterfall and Fuipisia Waterfall as both of these are looking more interesting to me?