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Lantau Island - Wessley321 - 06-17-2017

Lantau Island is a well known destination of Hong Kong.  It is most promising one destination among the nature's sightseeing lovers. It's shiny water's colour and its surrounding attractions to more prominent it. I also visited there only one time in my whole life but I have an amazing time there with my friends. I will love to go there again if  I get any chance. Anyone have you ever explore this place?

May dad is taking smoky mountain tours 

RE: Lantau Island - Bess - 06-17-2017

Werssley321, Honestly I would say that I am not familiar with the name of Lantau Island as it is totally new to me. I have been to the Hong Kong once but didn't visit this place. Through reading your post, It seems really interesting to me and i want to know about it in details because I will plan to be around this Island after my bus tours from new york city. So, what will be next from your side about this Island?