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Northern Mexico
Northern Mexico is the most visiting place around the world. My father have visited this place last week with his office friends. It has many beautiful attractions for visitors. My father had great experience and had  great time there with them. Now he suggest me for going there in my vacations with my fellows but these days my friends have already booked trip to niagara falls from boston. I have big confusion that what I do in this situation?
Oh no this is a really big problem dude. However, I would like to say that you should enjoy a tour cause your friends had booked this already for al of you. After enjoying this tour you can go there and can have fun Northern Mexico. Anyhow, how many days you will spend on a trip to niagara falls from boston. Any idea about this? I am waiting for your reply.

I am ready for enjoying niagara falls to boston.
Andrew, It is not a much big thing. I will suggest you to go for taking the trip to niagara falls from Boston which your fellows have booked. When you will be back from the tour than plan your second tour around the Northern Mexico on the recommendation of your dad. I a hopeful this idea will work to manage both of the things. Must tell me about your final decision as I will read that after my Boston tour from new york

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