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Haiti is a most popular country of Caribbean. It is most promising one destination among the all travelling nad fun lover. Millions of tourists love to go there due to its alluring attractions. It is also my most favourite one travel destination. I really like to see its most fabulous natural places which attract the peoples towards it each year. I am going to mention the names of some most attractive destinations which are my favourite like:

Rival Beach
Bassin Bleu
Valou Beach
Anyone have you any idea about these places?
Well, I have not visited the Haiti in my life till yet. I have heard its name from a friend who was saying that it is a beautiful place to enjoy the summer season.Wessley, you also shared something informative about the Haiti here and Now, I will b like to read more and more interesting stuff about this place in this thread. Hope other members will share with us.

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[Image: 111.gif]
These names of attractions I have noted to my cart. This will be quite helpful and nice for me when I will plan my tour of Haiti. Soon I will plan the tour and will start my journey towards this country. I am quite sure this will be so nice for me. I will enjoy visiting the attractions of this country and will get lovely memories by this.

I will enjoy the los angeles day tours soon.

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