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My uncle visited this place few year ago which name is Belarus. He told me that it is the most fascinating and famous place for visiting point of view. It is the country in Eastern Europe. My uncle explored many beautiful places there let me share some names of these places Victory Square, Minsk, Brest Fortress, Tower of Kamyenyets, Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary and Yanka Kupala Park. He had  great time there and collected many unforgettable memories from there. Now these day he going on niagara fall tours from new york
Belarus is a famous country in Europe buddy. No doubt this is a really great place to have fun and getting memories. I have been there with my uncle last year before enjoying this tours from boston to niagara falls and have a really amazing time there. While this has a blast of memories. Especially having fun Yanka Kupala Park was a great thing of my visit/. let me know what will you like to say about this?
I didn't get a chance to explore the beauty of Belarus in my life till yet. I have I have heard about the Belarus. for the first time in my life through this thread. It si looking a really good place to me as the shared names of its attractions are quite cool. Would like to give it a try after my grand canyon bus tours. Will anyone like to share few photos of the city here?
Andrew ! You really have shared nice stuff about the attractions of this country. But I need to something more about Belarus. I would like to visit this country but I have no idea about its places. I have noted the above shared names of places and will visit them. But want to know some more names of its places. SO you must tell me guys if you know?
Well here I will share some attractions names that I personally have visited in Belarus.. Hope so it will be good for you.
Białowieża Forest
Mir Castle Complex
Minsk Botanical Garden
Kalozha Church
Grodno Zoo
Vitebsk regional museum
Marc Chagall Museum
Nesvizh Castle
National Library of Belarus.

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