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Louisiana is  a most adorable state for visit around the USA. It is famous for its mesmerising attractions which grab attentions of all fun and travelling lover toward it each year. It is also my most favourite one travel destination. I have been there about few times ago and I stay there for two days to explore its most exciting places. I really enjoyed there photography. In my point of view, it is a perfect destination for all kind of visitors.
Louisiana is a nice state for travelers to experience something new in life and have an unlimited fun time. I have been there three years ago with my grandfather and both os us had really a good time there. Following are the names of those places which we visited there,
Mardi Gras World
The National WWII Museum
Aquarium of the Americas
Old Louisiana State Capitol
Oak Alley Plantation
Biedenharn Museum and Gardens
Louisiana State Capitol
Audubon Zoo
Audubon Park, New Orleans
Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

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I must say bess you have shared a cool list of attractions of Louisiana. I like this and would like to talk about Old Louisiana State Capitol. This is a great location and watches for those members who come there out of the town. This place has a grand building and its structure is remarkable. what say am I right?

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Dwalin, It is my best that you liked my sharing of the Louisiana attractuions here. Well, Dude, You are absolutely right. Old Louisiana State Capitol is really a prominent and finest attraction of the region to go ahead. Let me know have you ever visited this place? If yes then how was your time?

[Image: 111.gif]
I have no personal experience to explore this state but must say after reading this discussion it seems to me a perfect place so would like to be there soon. Anyway, gujys would you like to tsalk about Aquarium of the Americas, Louisiana State Capitol and Audubon Park in detail? I am keen to read and looking for more replies here.
Louisiana is so cool. Have been tried this place a few years back and that was so nice for me enjoying some new sort of the stuff like this one. I am quite sure that some of the stuff like this would be really nice and i'll be having the best kind of time being at there and enjoying so much.

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