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Gurudongmar Lake
Gurudongmar Lake is a most amazing and interesting destination for visit. It is a nature place where you can enjoy stunning views of nature beauty. I have personally visited there only two times in my whole life and I have a really amazing time there. It is a best place for outing and where you can enjoy some time with family and friends. Anyone have you ever been there?
No, Wessley, I have never been around the Gurudongmar Lake in my life till yet. I have only heard the name of the Gurudongmar Lake from my Aunt who recent;y visited this place with her hubby and had a great time there. She told me that it is a perfect place in Dia to spend the summer time and enjoy the diverse kind of activities to make fun time memorable.

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I also have never visited Gurudongmar Lake in my life. However, I would like to say that Gurudongmar Lake is a famous place which is located in India. I like this s much and always like to explore this sort of lovely places. Let me know bess what you like to do on lakes while your visit?

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Dwalin, It id good that you like to see such kind of beautiful places in your free time to have fun on them. Well, If you ask about my favorite things to do on the lakes than I will take the names of
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I am so happy to read about the Gurudongmar Lake. It is really good for me and now I would like to get an experience of travelling this destination personally and will enjoy my time there with my buddies by enjoying these different activities which Bess have mentioned above. So, soon will go for it and enjoy a lovely time there. Any recommendation for me?

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