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Barbados is an outstanding country for visit around the world. I also spent a good time there and I would like to share here some most fabulous places which are my favourite like:

Carlisle Bay, Barbados
Andromeda Gardens
Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Mullins Beach
Farley Hill National Park
Wessley321, I am going to do agree with you here, Barbados is really a good and nice place for the travelers. I have visited thsi place in the winter vacation with my ubcle's family. We were there for 2 weeks and visited many attractions there but Harrison's Cave, Flower Forest and Andromeda Gardens are the names of myu favorites there.

Had a mind blowing time at la to grand canyon tour

[Image: 111.gif]
Barbados is a famous country in the Caribbean. I like this place so much and would like to say that Flower Forest is an outstanding place which fascinates always to all visitors. Flowers look beautiful when I was there but the sad thing is we have no enough time to enjoy the beauty of this forest more. So will like to be there once again after this Whale Watching bus tour. Does anyone like to be there?
Allaya, I would say that its really a great plan. You should go to explore the dazzling beauty of Flower Forest in the coming up days and I am so sure that you will love this place when you will see colorful fresh and beautiful flowers around you. By the way, Don't forget to pack your camera and capture the beautiful pictured in that during the trip.

[Image: 111.gif]

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