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A due diligence story
The 866 number on shows up in the contact information for and They’re a small graphic design and flash animation company, consisting of Russell Bryant, Jessica Sandler, George Isaacson and Jason somebody. No Antonio R. Flores, and it’s a much more restrained site than the hyperactivity.The 619 number from shows.Which is a little better designed, but still has the same live chat box manned by Harvey.It’s been mentioned elsewhere in the SMS spam context too.There’s no useful contact information on the site, and the domain registration data is falsified via Domains by Proxy .

Hidden by CSS on the site is a list of services, support and postal contact information that’s identical to that of a legitimate corporate animation studio based out of Boston. It’s possible that they just ripped off the site of email database company, but it’s also possible it’s a side-job, something done by an ex-employe.I just got some SMS spam from a short code, advertising two domains  and customlogocoupon us . It’s SMS spam, so there’s no hidden content, no affiliate tags, just the bare domains. One spam has both domains in it, the other has twice.

According to the company that operates the SMS gateway this is a dedicated short code, not a shared code. In ESP terms that’s kinda equivalent to a customer on a dedicated IP address rather than one sharing a pool. Except much more so  short codes are a scarcer resource than IP addresses, with the US having fewer short codes in total than some ESPs have IP addresses.
[Image: buy-email-lists-21819162.jpg]
What would 60 seconds of due diligence have told the SMS provider about this customer?They’re clearly built from the same template. Same annoying animation, same fake sale countdown timers, same live chat window.

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