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Guadeloupe is an amazing regions for visit that is offers a lof of most fabulou and interseting place for having enjoyment. I have been there only twice  time in my whole  life but I have a really great time there.  Many travelling and fun lover visited it annually. In my point of view it is a perfect place for all kind of visitors. What will you say about it?
Guadeloupe is a holiday destination on the map of the world. This is a french region which can attract the visitors and offer them to have a great time there. Once my aunt had been there and told me while this has a really great time through this. So, I think all should be there at least once. What will you say about this?

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Well, I have never heard the name of Guadeloupe in my life till yet. I ma reading it for the first time in the above post. being a tourist, It is always a great kind of thing for me to read about the new and interesting places in the world and I would like to get details about this place from all of you members after my bus from niagara falls to new york city. Will anyone like to share with me here?

[Image: 111.gif]
These are the major beautiful sights in Guadeloupe which are best for travellers to explore. Guys as you want to get detail abo7ut it so not these names of places to your cart and visit them while your trip.
Musée Schœlcher
General Council of Guadeloupe
La Maison Du Cacao
Fort Napoléon des Saintes
Memorial ACTe
Parc Archéologique des Roches Gravées
Zoo de Guadeloupe au Parc des Mamelles.

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