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Have you any idea about it?
I want to share here the most incredible photo which my cousin shared with me after coming back from his bus to tennessee . about few days ago like:

[Image: Uyuni1.jpg]

 I want to know your views about this place. I hope you will quick reply? 
I am so sad to tell you that buddy, I have no idea about this attraction. I am blank about this. However, seems that is a great place to capture exciting views like this. However, like you would like to recommend all visit must update regarding this cause I wanna to be there after mine denver to yellowstone.
I must say here that I search for this image and shared with my buddies then one of a friend shared with me that It is a nice image of Salar de Uyuni. Bolivia has many attractions and also best places for visiting as famous for its natural beauty so it one of them. I must say that try to go Bolivia and then visit Salar de Uyuni here.

sightseeing tour san francisco will be good for my brother.
Wessley321, I am also unable to share the name of this place here because I have never tried out the beauty of the attractions in my life till yet. Anyways, I am quite optimistic that any other member of the board will read your post soon and let us know about the location from where this picture is captured.

[Image: 111.gif]

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