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Vanuatu is a most alluring destination for visit and where you can enjoy many outdoor activities. I also have a plan to go to there after ending my smoky mountain toursagain to enjoy coming holidays with my friends. I am sure I will spend a good time as well I had during my last journey. Anyone, have you ever been there if yes then how was your personal views?
In my traveling life, I have only explored Vanuatu one time. My personal experience was great there which I can't forget in my life. Let me share those places names here which I had visited there.
Champagne Beach
Aore Island
Nanda Blue Hole
Matevulu Blue Hole
Mele Bay
Raul and Wessley, I would like to say that both of you have shared really a stunning and useful stuff about the Vanuatu and its attractions here which is good. It appealed me a lot and Now, I would love to experience this new place at least once in my life after getting free from the yosemite bus tours and hope that will be a great time for me.
Everyonew of tyou has shared such nice nd amazing stuff about the places. I have noted these names in to my mind will like to explore them in my first prioriity. i am so sure that this will be so much alluring tiem for me for sure. so what say what will you suggest me here?

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