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Gunung Jerai
Gunung Jerai is a most amazing and such a nice kind of place for visit around the Arizona. It is famous for its incredible beauty. I have been there only twice time in my whole life but I have an awesome experience there. Now my Aunt has a plan to go there to enjoy some time with his whole family in coming months. Before going, she want to know the names of its good resorts. I have no idea about it. So anyone can you help me in this matter?
well, first of all, must say that it will be a stunning plan of your want to explore the Gunung Jerai in this summer. it is a beautiful Mountain in Malaysia, according to my father its height is 3,854 feet. It has so many beautiful views and also a natural beauty with lovely mornings. I must try to go there for enjoying my time here because he shared with me its location so look here we can explore it from Kedah, Malaysia. I will try to go there after ending my las vegas tours from los angeles.
I have few images of Gunung Jerai which my one friend shared with me a few hours agio through a social account as in these days she is at this place with her brother and enjoying a good time. Here are the shots of the place.
[Image: gunungjerai2.jpg]
[Image: scenery-of-gunung-jerai.jpg]
[Image: gunung-jerai.jpg]
Is it a place in Malaysia with the same name? I am confused is this located in Arizona or Maylizia? My uncle was calling this name but according to him, it is a mountain in Malaysia. I am looking for more replies from you to remove this confusion. Hope you guys love to give me a satisfactory answer.
Waiting for replies.

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Mr. BNerry, Let me say that I have no about the Gunung Jerai in Arizona. My friend had shared the Gunung Jerai which is located in Malaysia as these images are taken from there. Although, I will like to ask about the Gunung Jerai in Arizona from my mate and after that will let you know here If I got any stuff.

[Image: 111.gif]
After watching the images of Gunung Jerai I would like to get an experience of travelling the Gunung Jerai in Arizona. I am sure that this will be enjoyable for me and I will enjoy being there. Now have you any suggestion regarding my tour of this destination? I hope your suggestions will be good for me and will help me alot to make my time full of enjoyement.
Arizona is a famous state of the USA and i have a good experience from its attractive places. I went Arizona in last year and stayed there one week with my buddies. During our staying period we explored Antelope Canyon, Havasu Falls, Montezuma Castle National Monument, Desert Botanical Garden, Grand Canyon Skywalk. I enjoyed outing activities just like hiking, biking and other things.
Wessley321! I agree with you, Gunung Jerai is the really amazing place and this place all-around the naturality views, I want to go to this place because i am the biggest freak of nature lover and this kind of places i like it very much anyways, This is the beautiful mountain in Malaysia. If my life gets a chance for exploring so i must go to this place till then can you share with me some images o this place?
Yes, buddy James is absolutely right you must share some images of Gunung Jerai and let us know something more interesting about this destination. This will be great and helpful for us and will make the time glorious for us. Now I am also waiitng to see some stunning view of Gunung Jerai here.
Arianna !! Yea, I have seen now those places that which one person share already in his post. I want to know more details about if this place so can you share with me some details about of this place. I want to explore as well enjoy this place attractive views. I am waiting for all members next reply.

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