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Fregate Island
Fregate Island is a really great place for visit and where tourists can enjoy real charm of nature beauty.  It is an ideal place for nature lovers. I  had a great time there but I will love to make a tour there for again and again. Thousands of visitors visited it each year with family and kids and enjoyed the incredible beauty of this fantastic place. 

My dad going to enjoy again tours to niagara from new york
Well, I have no experience the Fregate Island till yet but I have heard about it much from my uncle who visited this island before his las vegas tours from los angeles with his all family members and it proved a great way of outing and fun for all of them. They did there many things and came back with happy faces and lots o remarkable memories.

[Image: 111.gif]
I had never visited Fregate Island personally in my life. my uncle and his family had visited this island in last year and they had shared some images of this lake with me. Let me share those images with you here.
[Image: fregate-island-beaches1.jpg]
[Image: seychelles-fregate-island-private-113.jpg]

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