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Canada is really nice most wonderful and lovely country for visit as tourism point of view. It is a home of plenty diverse kind of places for having fun but I really like to see its most fabulous natural places which attracts the visitors towards it annually. I also spend a great time there with my Uncle’s family during my last winter holidays. We all had huge fun there and came back with many pleasant memories. 
I d agree with you Canda is a really wonderful place to have a quality of time. I really like this place and had been there with my family members in last days of friend marriage ceremony. We had a great time through exploring is attractive attractions. Anyway, which attractions have you suggested them?

Any suggestion about east coast tours from boston?
Wessley321, I am going to do agree with you here that Canada is really a lovely and charming country in the North America. It si best for visiting due to its attraction in which natural landmarks come at the top of list in which parks, lakes, mountains are really able to see. I have visited thsi country twice and both of the times, I had a huge fun time.

I will catch bus from niagara falls to new york city

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