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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a most beautiful country of Balkans. There are many most fabulous and such a nice kind of attractions to have fun to there visitors. I love this country due to its captivating attractions. I have been there about few days ago with my dad and enjoyed there holidays. I want to know your personal views about this country?
It will be bit bad for me to tell you dude, that I have no kind of experience and details about the Bosnia and Herzegovina because I came to know about these places names for the first time through reading your post. My uncle is a traveling freak like me and also visited lots of places in the world. I will ask him about these places after finishing my bus tours from new york city. If i got any stuff that will share with you here.

[Image: 111.gif]
Bosnia and Herzegovina is an attractive country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, This countryside of home to medieval villages, lakes, river, rainforest area. This place capital is Sarajevo that which also best place for exploring.I have explored this place in my whole life, I will make plan again go to this place.
According to my point of view, Bosnia and Herzegovina is stunning and finest country for exploring. Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known due to its own self beautiful places which always become the tourist attraction. Here i like to share some places of Bosnia and Herzegovina with you.

Stari Most.
Despić House.
Sarajevo Tunnel.
Skakavac, Sarajevo.
Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridg.
National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
AnthonyBack! You have shared nice stiff with us that is really so nice. I will must enjoy exploring these places when will take the tour of these places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This will be so cool and enjoyable trip for me in which I will visit these places. Now if you have any suggestions for me then must share here. This will be so cool for me to get some nice suggestions here before to start my journey.

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