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Bottom Bay
Bottom Bay is a most exciting place for visit around the Barbados. It is famous for its incredible beauty which attracts the visitors towards it each year. It is also famous destination and my favourite too. I also visited there for having enjoyment. I have captured a lot of images there. If anyone you have a plan to go Barbados then I will suggest you must explore this most fabulous attraction and could make their tour more memorable. 

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Bottom Bay is one of the stunning and mind blowing kind of destinations located in the Barbados. I am a big lover of this place as I have visited it with my one close friend and we both had such a nice and valuable time there. This place is rich with natural beauty like trees, beaches, water and many others which are best to do activities and have a prominent time.

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[Image: 111.gif]
Bottom Bay is a fantastic place which is located within Cave Bay and Palmetto Bay. This is a perfect place in Barbados which attract all visitors. If you guys wanna go there in summer season so will say all guys go there and enjoy water activities there., Anyway, Bess, have you its images? If yes then share with all.

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Yes, Allaya, I have the images of Bottom Bay and I will surely like to share them with you as you are interested to see the images. Here are those,
[Image: Bottom-Bay.jpg]
[Image: 46108896-a9e2-49d2-b872-9d2bfa952f0f.c6.jpg]
[Image: Bottom-Bay-House-Barbados-pool.jpg]
These images are fantastic to see and I am greatly impressed with these. I am sure Bottom Bay will prove the finest destination for me. Soon I will be there and will collect incredible memories by enjoying the time there. I will ask you that which activities remain best for trying there? I will plan an exciting trip for share some suggestions regarding this as well.

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