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Dresden City
Dresden City in Germany is my next destination. After coming back from my la bus tours, I will go for the tour of this city with my friends. I am so excited because I will visit it the first time. I will explore all the major attractions of this city and will get a nice travelling experience. I am sure it will be enjoyable for all of us. If you guys have any suggestion or recommendation then frankly share here. You nice suggestions will help me to make the journey exciting and enjoyable for all of us.
Arianna, I think you have selected really a nice destination to explore in the coming up days to have a nice time. Dresden City will be really a cool option for you. Here I am going to suggest you some names of its attractions to must visit such as,
Dresden Frauenkirche
Semperoper, Dresden
Dresden Castle
Moritzburg Castle
Brühl's Terrace
Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
Dresden Cathedral
Grünes Gewölbe
Pillnitz Castle

I am thinking to take bus tours grand canyon

[Image: 111.gif]
I have not been there any time of my life. Must like to tell you that Dresden City is the new name for me which about i have no idea. I have noted all of these attractive places names which Bess has mentioned in his post. Surely will try to spend my spare time around of them and explore more attractive places of Dresden City as well as will get chance.

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