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Yemen places.
Saleh Mosque
Dar al-Hajar
Bab al-Yaman
Great Mosque of Sana'a
I got to know some of the names of the Yemen places. But i have not been to there yet in my life. But will like to be there after my boston to niagara falls bus tours. So what say what you will suggest me there regarding this?
These are nice places which you have added to your cart but I will recommend you some more attractions name that you must visit while your tour of Yaman. Note these names of attractions:
Al-Kathiri's palace - Seiyun
Cisterns of Tawila
Al Sabeen Square
Sheharah Bridg
Cairo Castle.

I am back from my maine bus tours from new york.
Alizay123 and Arianna both of your buddies have shared admirable and informative stuff with all of us. Both of you buddies have shared amazing and nice names list of Yemen's attractions with us. Arianna! Let me know that have you explored these attractions personally which names you have suggested to Alizay123?

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