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Faroe Islands
I am going to share the names of places which are bet to explore in Faroe Islands for all travellers. I have decided to visit these places and will enjoy a stunning time by exploring these sights:
Stóra Dímun
Lítla Dímun
Mulafossur Waterfall
Ruth Smith Art Museum 
Norðoya Fornminnissavn
Museum Husid uttan Ánna
Mykines, Faroe Islands
Tórshavn Cathedral.
Would you like to share your views about my tour plans?

I will take the bus tour from boston to new york.
Arianna ! You are saying right about this place, the Faroe Islands is the best place for exploring to visitors, this place best for every visitors. You have mentioned so best Faroe Islands' places names. I have explored after my Travel Deals San Francisco California all of them. My favorite place name is Mulafossur Waterfall because this place views too much attractive and filled with the charming views.

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