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Connecticut attractions
Let me add here some names of Connecticut attractions which surely attract you all guys.
Long Island Sound
Gillette Castle State Park  
Mark Twain House  
Charles W. Morgan
Bushnell Park  
Connecticut Science Center  
Yale Center for British Art  
Share here guys what will you like to say about these attractions?

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Allaya, I have heard many of the times about the Connecticut before that It is a good place for travelers and its attractions are nice and after reading your post, I can say that all of them were right. It is such a supreme place as its attractions are brilliant. You have shared those names and they are looking lovable to me. Will plan a tour of there soon.

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[Image: 111.gif]
Thanks for letting us know so much about the Connecticut, That is such an admirable place where i used to be have the best kind of time and enjoying a lot. I am sure that anything like this is gonna be so much nice to me where i will be having the really nice kind of time.
Connecticut is a state where I want to travel because its attractive places make it a prominent destination to go for. So, will make sure to be there in the next few days. I have added the names of the attractions which Allaya mentioned in her post. Hope to see the beauty of Gillette Castle State Park and Bushnell Park will make my travel time outstanding.
I do have a plan of Connecticut and will be there for a week almost. I do have a plan and this is why wanna get some names of the accommodations and places where will love to have some fun there. It will be really appealing if i will have some fun there. it would be really a great thing for being there again and again. There are almost three days until i have to plan everything. it will be really amazing to be there.

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