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Well, guys, I would like to add here, I am going to explore the beauty of California through its famous city, Los Angeles. For that, I have chosen trips from LA with my mates and I am very excited for that. I am so sure this would be a nice visit of mine life and I will have a great time. I am bit confused about its stay places. Can anyone help me in this matter?
California is a lovely state that is famous among visitors to go around its fun places especially its famous cities like as San Francisco and Los Angeles. I hope you added these names into your bucket list to have fun and hope so will be a fun way for you to travel around. I think you should add the name of these names in you wish list.
Jack-Stoker, I have noted your suggest and would like to act upon this a soon a possible. Actually, my friends are busy in another marriage ceremony and I have decided to talk about with them after attending this function with all. Hope so they will like this suggestion. Anyway what you think which attractions we should explore?
California is really a nice kind of state for the traveling lovers because it is a home of beautiful attractions. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the best cities to explore in this state and offers many landmarks to go ahead. I am a huge fan of these cities and had been there many of the times. Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland, and Hollywood walk of fame are my favorites to explore there nad have a fun time.
Wow, that would be so much amazing and I can say that yo have a great experience in California. This is a nice place for having a good time. Anyway, Golden Gate Bridge is a great place which I like to explore in my free time and had been there lots of times in my life. let me know dude, what you like to do there?
Golden Gate Bridge is absolutely a wonderful and amazing travel destination for the visitors to try out and do various things on the bridge to have fun like walking, running, biking, sightseeing, photography, eating ice cream and much more. I am also a fan of this place nad had been there many of the times and always had so much fun on it.
You are right about Golden Gate Bridge and fun things to do there. I am sure there will be fun things to do for all and enjoy all these fun activities like biking and photography there. I ever had great time there and would love to suggest others to go for it and make a fun time to be around this bridge and don't miss to enjoy its night views too.
I do agree with you and would like to share here my collection of Golden Gate Bridge with all of you.
[Image: golden-gate-bridge-at-night-wallpaper-3.jpg]
[Image: golden-gate-bridge-side-view-at-night-wallpaper-2.jpg]
I hope you will like them.
Allaya! It's really nice that you have shared here really great kind of views of Golden Gate Bridge.I really love these and surely will love to try to see with my own eyes for sure. well, I really keen to know that in New year eve any of firework is arranged at this bridge?
Yeah buddy, once my friend had shared his views of this place and said that have enjoyed firework of new year on this bridge. He said that was a lovely experience for us but you have missed it. He had shared some images of this place with me. Would you like to see them?

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