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Tahaj Mahal
[Image: f445d048078a03b5baf079652cfb0cf9.jpg]
 Taj Mahal is really the best attraction for  exploring point of view in India. it is really diverse kind of place which attracts the visitors toward it, it is a historical place as well which is built by a Mughal king for his wife.It is  the best place for all lovers. 
Taj Mahal is om of the diverse nd beautiful kind of destinations for the traveling lovers. It is a best place or the love birds to go there nad have a quality of time together. I am a huge fan of this and had exp[lored its beauty with my love in the last year and enjoyed really the best time. The Mahal is made with Whitestone and an example of true love. The beauty around it is also attention grabbing and best to enjoy photography and make fun memories.
India has much attractions for travelling lovers, Its historical and best places for enjoying the holidays. Well its many attractions are famous for its structure and also good for visiting lovers of historical attractions. I love to share with you that here its much best attraction are here but Taj mahal is also good for most visited attractions
asulia, I do agree with you. India has many beautiful attractions for the travelers which are examples of their own but Taj Mahal is the most visiting and beautiful destination of the country. I spent really outstanding time there. By the way, Dude, Let me know have you ever been there? If yes then how was your personal experience?
All of you guys make interesting discussion and informative too. I love to go for this sort of places and would love to see this landmark and hope so will be a fun thing to do for me. I am thinking to know more places to see near this landmark. I hope you would love to share with me briefly.

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I am glad to know that our conversation about the Taj Mahal proves really helpful and impressive for you. It si such a worth seeing destination for the people to go ahead and have a quality of time. I am sure it will be fun for you to go there as My uncle si also going there after finishing the niagara falls tour from new york chinatown. He told me about it last night and so curious to reach there soon.
Wow, what a cool conversation is run here about Taj Mahal . I am happy after reading this and would like to guys I have never been there in my life and had no idea about that. I wanna talk about its structure and its history. Anyone like to participate in this conversation?
I am also really like Taj Mehal which is the popular attractions of Agra. It is the beautiful example of true love. I have some images of this Mehal which I am going to share here.
[Image: 359954-taj-mahal-getty-images.jpg]
[Image: tajmahal_3445258a-xlarge.jpg]
In my point of view, Taj Mahal is a most promising one destination among the history lovers. I love the historical places and this is my most favorite one destination on earth. I have been there many of the numerous times in my whole life and have and awesome experience there. I have captured a lot of images there. If you are history lover then I will love to say that you should go there once in your future life and get more information about its history. 

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Wessley321! That's cool. Like all the members you also like this beautiful and historical place. I am happy to hear that you have enjoyed photography there and captured lots of images of this place in your camera. You must try to share some images of this place from your collection. By the way, have you any idea about the nearest attraction of Taj Mehal?

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