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Bar in Berlin
I am curious to know some suggestions regarding Bar in Berlin. Hope so you all would love to suggest me few names to make a move toward then and hope so will be a fun way to try for me. So, if you have been in any bar then share with me its name and location. I would love to  go for it during my tour. 

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Sure buddy, here I am going to share some bars of Berlin with all of you.
Monkey Bar  
Newton Bar  
Strandbar Mitte  
Theses are perfect places where you can go and have a lovely time there. Anyway which will you like to select from them?

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Allaya you have shared really nice list names of bars. No doubt all these are perfect place for drinking. Here I am share some names of my favorite bars punk bars, Windhorst, Buck and Breck, Bar Becketts Kopf and Green Door. I will suggest you that you must go there for having real fun and memorable time.
I am going to say that all of you members have shared really nice information here about the Bar in Berlin which is good. I liked this conversation as it is always a great thing for me to read about the new things to increase my information. I will surely like to think about this place seriously after my bus tours to grand canyon. Will anyone from you share its images with me?

[Image: 111.gif]
All of you have shared your nice views and quite interesting stuff also about the Barsin Berlin. which is really good. Now When I will go for the tour of Berlin I will enjoy night parties in these bars and will make the tie fantastic for me. I am sure it will be good for me and enjoyable as well. Now soon I will go for the tour of this city in my next days and then will enjoy an excellent trip with buddies.

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