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Garden Route
Garden Route is a road of the south-western coast of South Africa. I want to say here that according to my dad it is a extends from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape. It is a really best and beautiful place for exploring point of view. I would love to go there because I have seen its one of the image which shown its natural beauty and also a long highway.
[Image: South-Africa-Self-Drive-2000.jpg?width=1...,2000,1145]
Garden Route is a really new place for me guys. I have never visited this place in my life and have no much idea about that. After watching its image can say that this place has a great look which we can enjoy and can have fun through this. So would you like to share something convincing about that in detail?
I feel bad that Garden Route is new for me like you Dwalin. I read first time about this place in your posts. lazy shark your sharing is mind blowing. I want to know more about it because I have decided visit there after finishing my los angeles departures I am waiting your reply buddy your sharing information and personal experience will be helpful for me.
Well, both of you like my sharing image, It is really good for me but this time I want to say that when this same image I shared with my aunt, she same like both o you guys react me and now she made a plan to go there in next holidays. Her hubby will join her for visiting this place and also enjoying here some time together.
lazy shark good to see that you have rep[lied us in this regard. I ma happy and would like to say that, I want to be there but can't go due to some reasons. So that's why would like to recommend you after your aunt visit try to share her experience with all of us. I am so sure through this will got enough stuff about this place and can make a plan.

What say about west coast tours usa?
lazy shark...! I will love to say that you have shared most exciting and lovely views of Garden Route with us. I appreciate you for this effort. I have personally visited there only one time in my whole but I have an awesome experience there. It was a memorable moment of my life while I was captured many incredible and gorgeous views of roadside attractions in my camera.
I must say that this is one of the best kinds of thing that i have read up here while the tour. I am so sure that this will be so much stunning and alluring kinds of things to having some fun there ahead. I could have such a great time there when i will be free. So now will be there after my niagara falls trip from boston.

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