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Ontario Great Lakes
I would like to agree with you here that Ontario is the home to lakes and it has many lakes which are the different size and also beautiful. I hope so all of you like sharing stuff which will be useful if you are a natural beauty lover and also the traveler. 
Lake George
Lake Manitou
Potagannissing Bay
Cruise Lake
Red Chalk Lake
Beautiful Lake
Lake Admiralty
Government Lake.....
You have shared a cool list of different attractions with all of us. I am very glad after seeing this and have decided to make a move around Potagannissing Bay. This is a new place for me buddy, I have no idea about that. I am keen to know from you massive stuff about this. Can you like to share with all of us?

Have you any idea about new york day tours?
I am really happy to know that you like my sharing and also want to go for visiting one of them its attractions which name is Potagannissing Bay. It will be a nice for you as well as a visiting point of view. so it is a Lake in Ontario, Canada. We can enjoy here fishing, weekend days and also some more natural activities here with friends. So now Ia m planning about my <!--td  washington cherry blossom
So the image of this lake here
[Image: 94756739.jpg]
Well, I must say Lazy, shark has shared such nice images of this place with all of us. I am very happy after watching this and would like to be there in next free time. So what would you like to recommend me regarding this? I am looking for your next reply. So sure you will like to reply here soon.
Wow, it's a really bets for me that you like my sharing stuff and image as well. I like to say that it is a really bets destination if you are a fishing lover and also boating lover's best place. I hope so you will try to go there in spring days. If have selected any other season so I would like to suggest you spring season will be bets for you.
Lazy Shark I am very happy after watching your quick response and would like to say that really appreciate your quick suggestion. I have noted this and would like to be there at the end of this month with my mates and family members. Hopeful this will be a rock experience for us. Do you like to listed my travel story?
It is glad to me that you like my sharing and also likes my fast response here according to your point. Wow, you will enjoy your time here as well as with your some buddies and family members. It will be the fun way for you and you will come back from here with lots of memories which you will enjoy here. I would love to listen to your travel story...
All of you members shared very useful informations about Ontario. I also explord there after come back form Bus travel from Washington DC and enjoyed it beauty attraction there. It has a lot of fun there and many kinds of things to do for enjoying there. I also spend a great and memoriable time there with my friends.
I am really happy to say that you like all of the shared stuff about the Ontario. I hope so Iw ill go there because my aunt wants to go for exploring its attractions with me. I want to say that if I will take any kind of chance to go there I will never skip it. I wish I Will enjoy my holidays or the best holidays with my lovely aunt in Ontario..
lazy shark! Your participation in this discussion is really interesting for me. As now you are going to take a tour of Ontario once again I will say it will be the memorable tour for you and your aunt. Both of you will enjoy a lot there Now I will say you, good luck for your tour and have a great remarkable time there. Share some names of places which you will visit?

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