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Pakistan points of interest
Pakistan is also a home of plenty attractions and historical places like other countries. In this country, there are countless attractions which tourists could explore there. Let me share in point of interest with all of you. 
Badshahi Mosque
Faisal Mosque
Frere Hall
Raul! I also agree with you about Pakistan and its attractions, you shared such a cool stuff about Pakistan with all of us. I also have a great experience to all these places which names you shared with all of us and enjoyed its all attractions there during my journy. All places are best for exploring and enjoying a memorable time there.
Drue! It is my goodness you like my shared attractions names of Pakistan. Yeah, all of these attractions are perfect for exploring in Pakistan. In my last weekend, I have visited Minar-e-Pakistan and Badshahi Mosque. Because I have taken one tour in this country city and explored these places there. I am sure when you explore these attractions you also like it.

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