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Wanna know
Raul, It is great to know that you liked the conversation which is running here about the Château de Chambord. It is something really cool that you learnt about a new place after reading all posts. I would suggest you to be there in these days. It is the month of October and the weather is sufficient. The winter season will start from the next month. So, go ahead and enjoy a good time there.

I would like to be at bus tours from nyc

[Image: 111.gif]
Bess, I do agree with you and will like to say that he should be around this place cause Château de Chambord is a great place. He can enjoy this sort of view of this place in October.
[Image: chateau-de-chambord.jpg]
[Image: Chateau_de_Chambord_%2826296412132%29.jpg]

Had lots of fun through niagara fall tours from new york

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