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loneliness and silence
[Image: Wall_404_5120x2880.jpg]

Right Now, I am feeling really sad due to some  certain reasons and wanna go for a place like this to sit there for hours with my loneliness and spend the time in silence where no one will be around me.  I think it will be a good decision for me to spend my  time alone  nad make my mind relax. What you guys will say about this? 

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It's a good idea to have some time and feel relax in such cool places while to feel sad. I also do so when feeling like you and it works for me. So, I hope it will remain the best way to go ahead with you and spend some time far from hectic routine. I also would love to go around such kind of thing to see more in my traveling life.

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Jack-Stoker , I do agree with you. It is really a cool idea for a person to go far from the world and its busy nad tough life at such kind of relaxing place nad spend some time with loneliness and feel better. I am also going there after a few days nd really hopeful that it will work for me and I will be back with a new spirit.
Well, Alvera, I think you have really a good decision. It is a view of Norway which is really a perfect place to sit alone and accept the harsh realities of life as well as feel good while seeing good views all around. I will suggest you to must go there soon as possible to make the decisions and come with a fresh and happy mind to give a good start to your life.

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