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Any tips?
I am going to enjoy a tour of west coast after a few days and will pack my bag for the tour  at  night to  pack all things in a  good way and leisurely. If you guys have any tips for  me regarding to the bag packing  than surely share here as I will like to follow them to  have a peaceful time. 

Going to pack my bag for westcoast tours.
I would like to say buddy, the west coast is a great region for having an amazing time and you can visit this region without any hesitation because it filled with lots of attractions which you can enjoy there. Anyways must say try to capture all those which you have a plan to explore there and don't forget to share with all of us.
Alvera, I think I am bit late to read your post and reply you according to that. I am hopeful you will be back from the tour with relishing memories. Now, I want to know from you about your tour in details. I mean to say that which kind of things you enjoyed during the tour which made your travel time really memorable and exciting for you? I will like to read your reply after finishing my tours in houston
Alvera! I want to give some tips for bag packing to you. These all those tips which every traveler should know about this.
Make a packing list
Use your personal item wisely
Roll, don't fold
Use packing aids
Never check essential items

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