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Rhode Island
Rhode Island is a U.S. state in New England. Providence is the capital city of this state.This state is famous for its large and beautiful cities. Here I will suggest some names of cities which are so famous and most visited in this state. If anyone having a plan to make a move towards this state and try to visit all these cities.
Now guys, you let me know if you have any idea or experience of being there in this state?

I have to take tours north america.
Rhode Island is a U.S. state in New England is known for sandy shores and seaside Colonial towns. The Breakers Providence its capital is home to Brown University, landscaped Waterplace Park, Riverwalk, with the famed WaterFire art and green Roger Williams Park. You shared nice names of its cities which my father is going to explore after completing vacation packages to los angeles. I hope it will be good for him.

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