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I must say that Italy is the best place for travelers it is an European country. It has the many great destination for travelers like Florence
Rome Which destination is your favorite and why? Share on here frankly.

tours of los angeles is good for me.
Andrew, I am going to do agree with you here that Italy is one of the prominent and attractive coutry in Europe. I have been there before my san francisco trips with my girlfriend and both of us had a blast of fun there. Venice is our favorite city in the Italy as it is a water city and really a perfect option for the love birds to enjoy the fabulous things and have a fun time.
Both of you are right. No doubt Italy is the home of tourist places and perfect for travelling. I will say that the most beautiful and attractive city of this country is Rome. Which I like most Because I love to visit historical and architectural sights. As there are so many historical attractions. So whenever I go for the tour of Italy most of the time I like to spend in Rome. What do you say guys about my favourite city?

I have to go for my east coast america tours.
Andrew...! I am going to agreeing with you that Italy has plenty most beautiful and gorgeous destinationS to have fun to their visitors. Venice is also my most favourite one travel destination. around the world. I love this destination due to its most impressive beaches and islands. I also have visited there with my dad during my last winter holidays. We stayed there for two days and enjoyed there many outside activities. I will love to go there again in my free time.

Anyone have you ever taken bus tours to maine ?

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