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Say something about Washington, D.C.
D.C short for District of Columbia is a smart choice to go for  all visitors. I love to go for it and would love to read your views about this District and capital city of USA. Hope you all would love to talk about it and let me know what do you think about it? I am looking for your replies and reviews about this city. 

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Washington, D.C is the capital city of America which is located on the Potamic River. It is loaded with Iconic monuments, buildings, houses of the federal government like White House, Supreme Court. It also offers museums and art centers. The beauty of this city is also worth seeing and appealing for the traveling lovers. In short, It is a superb destination to go ahead and have a mesmerizing time while coming across its fabulous points.

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Washington, D.C is one of fro the greatest place f America. Ths is a famous city of USA and very large. As we all can read Alvera post and through this came to know that this places is filled with lots of attractions. So would like to talk about your favorite places. Let me know guys which one is your favorite from all?
Alvera, Your shared post is really informative for me and would like to say it will be a fun way to try tour and have fun for all fun seekers. I am keen to know which sort of places call you to go ahead for DC? I hope you like to share with me and let me know frankly. If you can then share the images of those points here.
Allaya...! I do agree with you that D.C is a most precious destination for visit around the USA. There are many fabulous places for having enjoyment but it is famous for its historical places. I have been there only twice time in my whole life but I have an awesome experience there. I have captured a lot of images there. I want to know about your next paln?
I am happy that i read up your posts because you all shared very nice stuff about the attraction of Washington, D.C which will be my next priority after completing mine all tours las vegas. I am quite sure your sharing information will be sufficient and enough for my travel of Washington, D.C.

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