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Best food places in Nauru country!!
My uncle and aunt are ready to go for the tour of Nauru. They are going to visit this country for the very first time and will explore Anibare Bay, Buada Lagoon, Command Ridge, Moqua Well and lots of other places in this country. Now they want some suggestion regarding the best food places in this country because both of them are foodie. So guys tell me which places will best for them to try something so yummy and delicious?

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Nauru is a best country for visit as travelling point of view. It has plenty most fabulous and stylish resorts to enjoy dining to their visitors but I have a good experience of Menen Hotel because I have been there couple of the times in my whole life. Every time had spent amazing time with family and friends. It is a really great place for foodies and where you can enjoy many delicious food and drinks.
Christine, I would say that my brother is just back after taking the tour of Nauru and had a good time there. He shared some names of its best food places with me which I am going to exchange with you such as,
Café Island
The Bay Restaurant
Joyful Restaurant
Coco Cabana
Bondi Beach Restaurant
Bay Restaurant
Anibare Restaurant
Oriental Restaurant

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