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Albania is a most famous country of Europe. It is a best destination for visit as travelling point of view. It is also fmaous destination and my favourite too. I also visited there and I explored its most fabulous places for having enjoyment. What will you say about it?
I would like to say that Wessley321 that Albania is untouched for me I have no personal experience of this place but my uncle have visited this place last week. He had great experience and spend good time there. It has many interesting places for visitors like Albanian Riviera, Rinia Park, Mount Korab, Great Park of Tirana and Blue Eye. My uncle shared all these information with me and he suggested me that I also visit this place before mine bus tours from nyc to niagara falls. I also thinking about it.
According to my father, Albania is a nice place where you can enjoy a nice time as visiting lovers. It has may attractions and best location for spending your time here remarkable. I hope os in future time I will makes a plan to go for visiting this country which is located in the Balkans. I wish I will enjoy here my holidays and good time here.

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