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Friend's plan to go with family
A few months back, I have visited Paris and enjoyed my time with my buddies here.  So now my one of the friend who visited Paris once or first time with us, now he wants to go with his family for visiting its interesting points because he impressive after visiting this place. I hope so his family will enjoy here a pleasure time in Paris. 

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There is no doubt Paris is a lovely destination for having an amazing time. I really like this destination and had been there more than twice time. As you had told us your friend wants to be there first time with family so would like to recommend him try to explore its famous attractions which are
Eiffel Tower
The Louvre
Musée d'Orsay
Latin Quarter, Paris
I am os sure this list would help them to have fun. What say am I right?

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Well lazy shark! I would like to say that your friend have good plan to visit Paris with his family. I am agreeing with you Dwalin that Pairs is the lovely and alluring destination for having blast of fun there. It has many attention gabbing attractions for tourists. you have shared nice names list of its attractions all these place has great charming view for visitors.
All of you members shared useful stuff about Paris with all of us I also agree with all of you about Paris is best and most attractive city of France. I also visited there once time after come back from yosemite las vegas with my father and enjoyed lot of attractions there. Dwalin! You shared such a nice name of places for exploring there and I visited all these attractions during my travel.
Paris is one of the beautiful and most amazing cities in the world. It is also known as the city of lights and heart of France. I have relished the beauty of this city twice and both of the times, I had a blast of fun there. Lazy Shark, If your friend's family is going there then I will suggest them to don't forget to enjoy some time at the Paris's Disneyland as it will remain more fun option for all of them.
Paris is an excellent place for visit around the world where a lot of visitors visited it annually. Its historical spots appeals me a lot. I have been there before taking the bus from maine to new york about few times ago with my Uncle's family and enjoyed there holidays. We explored its numerous places but Eiffel Tower and The Louvre are top of the list of my favourite attractions. If anyone you want to go Paris then I will suggest you must explore both of these places and could make their journey more memorable.
I do agree with you because Paris is my dream city and I would love to go for enjoying my holidays here in this excellent place for a visiting around the world. I hope so I will go Paris once again and enjoy my nice time here as well as with my buddies. I hope so I will spend nice and good holidays in summer vacations in Paris.

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